Team Dugdugi has been looking at decentralisation in the field of farming and how one NGO’s efforts may potentially change the farming scenario (FARMING PRACTICES – FORGOTTEN OR FORCED TO CHANGE?) Gram Vikas has been trying to improve farmers’ yield by introducing newer scientific methods into traditional practices. However they had been failing on account […]


Simple Arduino solutions

After the ideation phase all the ideas were collected and arranged again according to different domains like ‘crafts and economy’, ‘democracy’, etc. Each domain was then used to create one idea per domain and then voted on by our batchmates. The two ideas with the highest number of votes were taken forward to the storyboarding […]

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Springing forward Δ

After an exciting round of brainstorming! we came up with a few actionable insights for the water crisis faced by the village of Doddiganahalli, which are as follows: After churning  a bunch of brilliant ideas each of these ideas stood a chance of winning through a democratic election! The winning ideas were taken forward and […]

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Khadi Haat /Heart

In the village of Melkote in Karnataka, there is a small Khadi production unit run by Janapada Seva trust that sells its produce in cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai.  The conundrum is that the villagers have lost pride in their jobs in the village and youngsters are keen to migrate to the cities. This mini-project is […]

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Sensitizing to conservation of water

We team Springs, came up with an idea that  is centered around the village of Doddiganahalli which had faced a drought. This happened due to the lack of awareness among people about management of resources. Our idea makes use of IOT to help bring about this awareness and sense of responsibility among the people of the village.

A couple of LED’s , a buzzer and an arduino helped bring this idea to life. It was programmed in such a way that the Green LED is switched on till the maximum permitted amount of water is drawn, exceeding which the buzzer is sounded and the Red LED is switched on.

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