Bridging the gap between Tech and Traditions

The Soligas- People from within the bamboo

The Soligas are a tribal community in Karnataka, with the population of about 20,000. The overpowering modern influence on the tribe’s youth against the depleting identity of the tribe’s culture is held in check by an organization called VGKK (Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra).

But is the organisation successful in acting as a buffer between state policy and tribal communities ?

Are the Soligas being empowered and sensitively integrated into the mainstream society?

To investigate and analyse these questions , four of us- super enthusiastic- 3rd year product design students as team “Access Denied” at NID joined plugs with Prof. Jon Rogers.

blogTogether we boiled down to ‘actionable insights’ which gave us a gist of the complete situation of the Soligas. We then went through a rapid ideation session pouring out as much brain juice as possible and choosing one of the ideas we took it to the prototyping stage.

(Access to further information is Denied at this moment)


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