Using props to tell a story in IoT

Yesterday we talked about this being a course in storytelling through interactive prototypes. This is at the heart of what we call a creative technologist.  This isn’t about becoming the best engineer in the world (although who wouldn’t want that 😉 – it is about telling compelling stories that influence people. That make people take notice of your ideas and to want to work with you to bring them  to life.  One of my heros is an NID graduate called Anab Jain  who founded the creative agency Superflux who are based between Ahmedabad and London.

She’s GREAT at using stories to help us to navigate the mostly exciting, sometimes scary and always messy unknown that we call the future.  She does this through a mix of video, creative technologies and product design.

If you do one thing today – go and become an Anab hero like me. Go and see the videos she creates. Get inspired and bring that level of quality to the class.


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First up – Uninvited  Guests 


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