What is the Mozilla Open IoT Studio?

Mozilla’s Open IoT studio is working with students at NID to explore decentralised IoT in an indian context. But who are the Open IoT studio and what do they do?

Good question! Let’s delve into that a bit…  this is taken from the Open IoT Studio github -> you should go there and delve into  it’s vaults!

We want a healthy internet where people make meaningful connected things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an emerging global network connecting everything around us: from what we wear, to the homes we live in, and even medical devices embedded in our bodies. IoT encompasses everyday objects as well as complex data systems in cities and industries. This so-called “third wave” of the Internet is often defined by orders of magnitude: “billions of devices connected, trillions in generated revenue, zettabytes of multi-directional data.”

Mozilla’s Open IoT Studio seeks to advance responsible open IoT through professional practices and a network of IoT practitioners who conduct research, make prototypes and build meaningful collaborations.

In 2017, we are focusing on two internet health issues in IoT, privacy & security and decentralization. To affect change in IoT, we are targeting IoT professionals, who are currently defining the field and establishing professional norms. We will reach them through the following activities:

  • Unearthing actionable insights through original research
  • Advancing responsible practices through prototypes and learning resources
  • Cultivating a network of collaborators who are taking action on this issue

You can find more about what the studio is doing here



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