Insecure IoT means you’re being spied on.



The big news toady was that the CIA and British intelligence agencies have been hacking everything from IoT TVs, phones and laptops for a very long time. They can make you think that you’ve switched the phone or TV off, but it reality it’s still on and using inbuilt cameras and microphones to spy on you.  How does this make you feel? You’re all designers who may go on to design some of this stuff – do you have the skills to take up the challenge of ensuring that you are fostering a culture of responsible design with your employers? Do you have the knowledge to help your employers change their practices to make more responsible projects?

How many of your read fiction?

Writers are often much more free to create stories about the challenges of future technology. Some examples books that I’ve read are:

1984 by George Orwell (now looking rather conservative) 
The Machine Stops, a short story by EM Forster (short but amazing!)
Harry Potter by JK Rowling (thousands of examples of surveillance) 
Ubik, by Phillip K Dick (utterly mind blowing) 
The Circle by David Eggers (a bit annoying, but interesting) 
Robopocalypse Daniel Wilson (sensationalism of AI at it's best!) 
Speak by Louisa Hall (the future of AI and voice... scary) 




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