Khadi Haat /Heart

In the village of Melkote in Karnataka, there is a small Khadi production unit run by Janapada Seva trust that sells its produce in cities like Mysore, Bangalore and Chennai.  The conundrum is that the villagers have lost pride in their jobs in the village and youngsters are keen to migrate to the cities. This mini-project is an attempt to restore pride in the hearts of the Khadi makers and give them appreciation for what they produce.

Every time a customer buys a Khadi product in the city showroom, and is happy with it, he sends his appreciation to the workers in the village on social media. There is an LED panel board in the workshop that’s shaped like a heart. Every appreciation from a customer lights up one LED. At the end of the day, the workers retire with a ‘full heart’ and contentment that what they produced made someone happy that day.


Wiring the LED
Verifying the code
Full Heart

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